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Description || The Putting Stick

What is The Putting Stick?

The Putting Stick was made to help golfers of all levels improve their putting stroke.  It is 46" long, 1" wide and is 3/8" thick.  There is an adjustable back stroke stop for inspired back stroke length.  Also, you are able to load the golf ball up the ramp for quick and repeatable use.  

What Will The Putting Stick Do For You?

The Putting Stick will allow you to see and feel when your back stroke is too long, and also the accuracy at impact within one degree of a perfectly square face!

The Pro Putting Stick

The Pro Putting Stick model allows you to include the eye alignment mirror into the surface of the putting stick.  It's amazing because the end of the stick has been designed to allow the golf ball to roll more gently off the stick. 

The Standard Putting Stick

The Standard Putting Stick as well as the Pro allows you with the necessary visual and sensational feedback needed.