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Description || The Chipping Clip

When it comes to chipping, many golfers (even professionals) have a tendency to hit their chips toward the toe of the club which results in distance control issues.  If you are someone that is looking to start chipping and pitching it closer to the hole, it's necessary to start with The Chipping Clip.  

The Chipping Clip will give you IMMEDIATE feedback - which is necessary - if the chip is hit anywhere but the center of the club face.

If you could start striking chips in the middle of the club face (or sweet spot), do you think your chipping would improve?  Of course it would.  That is why The Chipping Clip is a simple, but powerful fix to ones short game. 

What's Included?

  • Comes in a package with TWO Chipping Clips.
  • Double-sided tape included.