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Description || SwingRite

The SwingRight Training Aid allow the player to work on essential parts of the golf swing including:

  • Tempo
  • Swing Speed
  • Release Point
  • Accuracy

The best thing about The SwingRight trainer is it can be swung indoors and out.  Since you're able to use this aid whenever you are free, it provides a simple way to reinforce muscle memory and sensation type feelings.  Which is important for when you go out on the course, so you aren't thinking about your mechanics. 

Since The SwingRite Aid is adjustable to swing speeds from 55mph to 125mph, you are able to practice with the tempo you are a fan of!  We have found the SwingRight is awesome for Men, Women, Seniors and Juniors of all ages and skill levels. 

The Science Behind The SwingRite

You must become great at timing the all important point of impact.  Although, we would like to take as much "timing" as we can out of the swing, every single player has to time up their swing a little bit.  With The SwingRite Training Aid, you will learn how to time every single swing so you release ALL of the energy stored onto the golf ball. 

Product Info:

  • Regular SwingRite: Length: 34 1/4" Weight: 17 ounces, STANDARD tour wrap grip.