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Description || Swingball Trainer

Over 90% of golfers, with a handicap of 10 and above, have one of the following problems in their swing:

  • Scooping
  • Topping Shots
  • Fat/Thin Shots
  • Sliced Shots
  • Flying Elbows
  • Chicken Wing
  • Disconnection
  • Loss of Distance/Speed

The SwingBall Trainer is a fix for ALL of these tendencies!  It allows the player to create a descending blow into the golf ball with the handle leaning forward, and their weight completely transferred to the lead foot.  

How Does This Work?

Just place the SwingBall in between your wrists and you will find out (rather quickly) there is no possible way to swing without feeling a sense of connecting with arms, body and club.  

When using a training aid like The SwingBall Trainer, you are able to practice without thinking about mechanical thoughts or technique.  You are given the feeling or sensation which is needed when heading out on the course!