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Ladies Model || SuperSpeed Golf Training System || Description

Ladies Model:

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System for Women is arguably the best breakthroughs in women golf history.  One of the biggest problems among women golfers is distance off the tee and with hybrids and irons.  With the SuperSpeed Training System, women golfers are now able to create efficient speed and power, increase the distance of shots and have short clubs into the greens which usually results in lower scores!

The lack of swing speed is a controversial topic.  One golfer could say to swing a slow and smooth as possible, as the other says "swing hard and with purpose".  There is one fact of the matter.  The faster you swing (higher swing speed) combined with solid contact, the ball WILL travel through the air a longer distance. In women's golf, something that is common is to swing on the slower side, resulting in shots with low spin, low trajectory, and a ton of long irons and hybrids into the green.  If only there was a way to learn how to create speed in the golf swing without giving up the all important factor called ACCURACY!

With The SuperSpeed Golf Training System, you will find out exactly how to create that speed and within a few weeks, see incredible gains in your distance.. not only off the tee but also with your hybrids and irons!

What's Included?

  • SuperSpeed Golf Yellow “Superlight” Training Club - 45" & 225 Grams.

  • SuperSpeed Golf Green “Light” Training Club - 45" & 255 Grams.

  • SuperSpeed Golf Blue “Medium” Training Club- 45" & 290 Grams.