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Description || Striker 3000 With Compression Board

With the Striker 3000 Compression Board, players are able to monitor their ball position, swing path, and attack angle.  Basically, can you make a swing and not hit the board?  The board will provide you with IMMEDIATE feedback which helps you become your own coach.  

There is a mass of golfers whom struggle from a deadly over-the-top tendency.  The Striker 3000 will allow the player to see the actual swing path so you can then work toward finding the bottom of the swing arc. 

Maybe you don't have the tendency to come over the top.  Maybe your tendency is to shallow the club too much, resulting in bottoming out too early and hitting the board (fat shots).  

The Striker 3000 is portable, easy to use, and not visually distracting.  It is made of unbreakable polycarbonate Lexan.  Many players use The Striker 3000 for putting as one is able to check their set-up and stroke path with ease. 

Consistent Ball Striking

There are a few things that really separate high-handicap golfers from low or scratch golfers.  One of those things is more consistent ball striking.  Great ball strikers, including professionals like, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan,  and Jack Nicklaus hit the golf ball with a descending blow which helps insure consistent ball-then-turf contact.  The Striker 3000 Compression Board helps allows you with the feedback needed to track your progress as you work your way to building a stock shot. 

If you are looking to hit more fairways, greens, and become a more consistent golfer with your ball striking (and putting), The Striker 3000 Compression Board is for you.