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Description || Right On Line - Putting Guide

The Right On Line Putting Guide provides you with two parallel bars that are placed one above the other.  This helps you insure your eyes are directly over the golf ball - IMPORTANT! 

Also, there is another bar to force you to keep the putter low to the ground during the stroke.  Too many golfers around the world LIFT their putters up going back and sometimes have a negative attack angle into the golf ball.  That is detrimental to your putting consistency. 

Something else (there's a ton) this putting guide provides you with gap where the ball rolls through.  If your golf ball doesn't make it through that gap, you've either pushed or pulled the putt. 

Overall, The Right On Line Putting Guide will increase your consistency by:

  • Fixing Your Eyeline Over The Golf Ball
  • Keeping The Putter Low So You Hit The Sweet Spot
  • Starting The Golf Ball On The Correct Line