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Description || Gripit Rite JR

It's up for debate if the grip is the most important aspect of one's golf game...  The grip is, in fact, a direct image of the club face - which means:

Strong Grip = Closed Club Face - More times than not, a golfer with strong grip has a tendency to hook the golf ball or hit pull fades.

Neutral Grip = Square Club Face (recommended)

Weak Grip = Open Club Face - Usually, a golfer with a weak grip suffers from an over the top tendency and hits slices and weak high right shots that don't go very far.

With this Gripit Rite Training Aid - You will find out how to lay your hands on the club in the neutral position.  Remember, neutral grip = square club face.

We are currently out of stock of the Gripit Rite Training Aids for Adults.  However, we do have the junior size available!