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Description || Exertools MAT Tubing System

This system allows you to utilize your resistance tubes in an easy and efficient way. The MATS tubing is high quality and multifunctional in nature and with the use of the Activity Column, will allow any number of resistance activities from various positions as well as lifting positions with the two shelves.

Attaching the MAT Tubing System: The MAT Tubing System is designed to attach within a door jam, to a door knob, around a pole or fence, around a foot and/or to an EXERTOOLS Activity Column. (Please note colors may vary from image shown)

  1. Open the door so it opens away from you.
  2. Lay the anchor’s webbing around the top, bottom or side (middle) of the door so the distant buckle is on the other (opposite) side of the door. When placing the unit on the side of the door it is best to slide it between the door and door jam opposite the doorknob.
  3. Close and lock the door.
  4. Pull on the unit to make sure it is secure.

To a doorknob:

  1. Close and lock the door.
  2. Open the loop of nylon webbing so it can easily slide over the doorknob.
  3. Tighten the loop around the doorknob
  4. Pull on the unit to make sure it is secure

Around a pole (or small tree trunk, a tree limb, a fence, a park bench, etc.)

  1. Make sure the pole is secure and will not move once exercising is started
  2. Slide the unit around the pole
  3. Open the loop of the nylon webbing
  4. Slide the end of the unit through the opening of the loop
  5. Pull the grip and tubing all the way through the loop so the unit tightens around the pole.