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Description || Classic Eyeline Putting Mirror

How important is it to have your eyes directly over the golf ball when about to stroke a putt?

Well, it could determine whether you make or miss the putt!  Knowing where your eyes are and should be is step one to developing a perfect set-up to your putting stroke.

If you are someone that is tired of missing those short par putts or makable birdie putts, then The Classic Eyeline Putting Mirror is something you need.  

The Classic Eyeline Putting Mirror will provide you with the following:

  • Eye Alignment Easily tell if your eyes are directly over the golf ball.
  • Shoulder & Feet Alignment Ask yourself if your feet are parallel to the mirror - which you know is aiming directly at your target.
  • Putter Face Alignment Ensure your putter is SQAURE to your target, matching the line on the actual mirror!
  • Path Of Stroke Gives you the ability to see if your stroke is outside in, inside out, straight back - straight through or on the inspired "arc" (where we intend it to be). 
  • Determine Pull or Push Tendencies - It's recommended (as seen in photo) that you use a couple of tees just a few inches in front of the golf ball to provide feedback of pulls and pushes.

This Putting Mirror is used by almost every single PGA Touring Professional.  They understand the importance of the set up and with this mirror, you are able to ensure that all checkpoints in your set-up are correct.

What's Included? 

  • The Classic Eyeline Putting Mirror - Dimensions: 9.25" x 17.5".