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Description || Bee Line Putting String

The Bee Line Putting String will provide you with an extremely simple, portable and effective way to practice important fundamentals in your putting!  It's made from two metal skewers (10" Long).  The string is a bright orange elastic cord making it easy for you to set it up how you'd like.  You are provided with about 12 feet of alignment and the string/cord will not tangle when wrapped up for storage.  It also comes with three plastic beads that slide on the string so you are able to test stroke lengths to practice speed control.

A Few Things The Bee Line Putting String Will Help You With:

  1. Stroke Path - Very rarely is any golfers putting stroke straight back and straight through.  This means most of the time, we want our stroke to have a slight arc - a little inside - back to square - then back to the inside.  With just a touch of opening and closing.  The Bee Line Putting String will help you actually see that happening in action!
  2. Face Angle - Obviously, we want our face angle to be 100% square to our target.  With The Bee Line Putting String, when you set up to the golf ball - when your putter face is exactly perpendicular with the string, that means you are set up 100% square to your target!
  3. Alignment - We all know how important alignment is for our putting, right?  If you aren't aligned properly, the chances of making that putt drop drastically.  Crossing your checkpoints off your list with The Bee Line Putting String is simple because you are able to tell with ease if your hips, feet, knees and shoulders are all aligned parallel with the string!
  4. Eye Line - In putting, you want your eyes to either be DIRECTLY over the golf ball or if you error, about an inch inside of the ball.  With The Bee Line Putting String when you are set up to the golf ball about to stroke the putt, if the string is running through the middle of the golf ball, your eyes are directly over the ball (which is what is desired). 
  5. Green Reading - Do you have a hard time with reading greens?  Most amateurs miss putts on the "low" side of the hole.  The Bee Line Putting String will show you exactly how far "outside" the hole you need to aim!